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Monday, March 1, 2010

Social Revolution

So I've lost my IRC network (to a woman) she stole it while I was in a coma. How clever of her, she knows she can't beat me in anything, so she steals shit from me when I'm asleep and can't wake up.

I am in favor of a "lassez faire" network. Where people are generally not moderated, because I believe in the general good of all people.
However, a women, who believes the opposite censors words, kicks, and bans people from the network who try to complain about how things are being handled. Then, she claims to be an American. How she does this, I cannot say. Clearly, she has lost it.

For all those cool kids in the channel; Xife, Zhek, Kips, Turbn(thanks for letting me use your sc2 account) and Agricola. Most of all Agricola. I sincerely wish you "ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWA" on this one because it's so retarded it's drole.

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