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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Adventure.

I like to look on the positive side of life, because well, I'm a baller.

Today I was bored, couldn't find a job, living at a friends house missing my babe. I call up one of my friends, Kristina, and ask her what she's doing. She says nothing much and I ask if she wants to go out to eat. She says sure and she'll come pick me up. Knowing that she is a vegetarian, I say take me to McDonalds, and I'll buy her some shit as well off the dollar menu. She won't order anything at McDonalds, because she won't eat anything there as it is not "vege friendly"; whatever that means.

So we're driving back to my house and I point out this really baller Korean restaurant that I've taken Natalie to a couple of times. I point and say "Look that's the best Korean restaurant in the world" she says "Kyle! I'm driving!" Not to be told off by a girl I say "Jesus Christ! Just frickin' look!" She, being a dumb woman, scans for about 5 seconds, and nearly crashes into a car in front of us. Rofl. I thought Africa was bad.

So I farted around for a while, my dad decided to hire me part time for his photography business so I just make frames now. I'm getting pretty good at making them, so that's a plus. So after I made about 15 or so frames I went home. I stopped by my favorite Hawaiian restaurant. There was some hobo staring at nothing on a bench. I was 100% sure that he was going to ask me for some change. I walk by him and he starts talking. I turn back, and he's talking to no one in his ching chong gibberish. I thought the weird people experiences were over for today. But some guy came in the Hawaiian restaurant and was being a retarded.

Retard: "How much does 1 chicken cost?"
Employee: "Like a meal?"
Retard: "No just the chicken"
Employee: "Uh.. you can get like a 2 piece chicken meal for.."
Retard: "How much does 2 chicken cost?"
Employee: "You get a meal with 2 chickens"
Retard: "No I don't want that, just chicken. How big are they."
Employee: "Um.. it'll be $2.50"
Retard: "What about 1 chicken?"
Employee: "What?"
Retard: "Just 1 chicken it's for the kid. Oh how big is 1 chicken I order it all the time." (Talking to the chef)
Chef who always stares at me funny: "..."

I had to leave it was too painful.


  1. "She, being a dumb woman, scans for about 5 seconds, and nearly crashes into a car in front of us. Rofl. I thought Africa was bad."
    best part

  2. You work for your dad? You could not get the job at Michaels? Man, it is probably because you do not know that a "tract of land for growing crops and raising animals" is called a farm.

  3. My dad just hired me so I could pay my friend I'm living with money. I still havn't stopped looking for a job.