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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Les français habitont en Californie

If you couldn't tell from my title I met a french lady today. Well, I didn't *meet* her I just talked to her. French people are all rude, so they don't like to talk to me. However, I can usually hold their attention for 5-10 minutes when I talk to them in french. This lady was the nicest french lady I have ever met and she is the 2nd french lady I have met. The first one I met ran away from me before I could speak french to her. Which is why I strictly speak to them in French. Clearly my 9'12" stature scared her away. I don't remember her first name, but her last name was like McAbbie or something. I remember this, because when I asked her name I thought it was funny name for a french person. Turns out she is married, and her maiden name is JeanJean. She hesitated before telling me, because of how hilar it is. People around me laughed at her maiden name.

So I was talking to my Friend Isais today. We go to school together, he's a super emo kid, and in drama. What a shocker. So apparently my school is doing Les Misérables. I think I'm gonna go see it. I read the book, and I've always wanted to see the musical. However, it is not the musical and only a play. What a load of bullcrap. A guy, who I barely know, is playing Javert. He is black. I find this absolutely hilarious because black people are known for being on the wrong side of the law, but while I do not know him very much, he is very nice and cordial person. But still, black? Could they not have found a better actor? Everyone else must be shit. What kind of black man obeys the law 100%? This is like casting a jew as Valjean, because jews do not give out money left and right.

I like to sit in café's and listen to people's conversations. I overheard a women talking to a man about how "caging animals is inhumane and bad." I think this argument is ridiculous because animals are inhuman. She said something like "You don't see lions capturing zebras and forcefeeding them hormones and shit." I told her "There aren't 5 billion lions, you're logic is flawed." I was to the right of her, you see. She glared at me like I had just kicked a baby, or made fun of a retard. She got up and sat down farther away from me. What a bitch. I just listened to my music for a while and then I left, cafés are for hipsters anyways. The music I was listening though is Blind Pilot. I really like their album because they are indie like me.

I also found this hilaroius blog, you can find it here
So for the 6 people that read my blog, and I know them, you can read his blog. He is my best e-friend and troll buddy. I play DFO with him, and he sucks at chess, but I forgive him for that.

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