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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back from Las Vegas

So my friends,(my real ones) brought me along with them to go to Las Vegas. So a free trip to Las Vegas? Who can turn that down? I won't. Since I am cool, I will tell my story from the end to the beginning.

Right before I left from Las Vegas we went to some shark aquarium, I forget what it was called, but there were like 800 signs about it. Aquariums are boring, but I saw so many signs I thought it HAD to be cool. It was not. Fishes are retarded and boring, I did however touch a stingray. Did you know that they cut off their stingers? Or Rayers? whatever. The only fun part was following around this french mom and dad. I love talking french, but I did not have the balls to go up to these people and go talk to them in french, because I did not want to ruin their trip. I wouldn't want a 19 hipster walking up to them and start talking to me.

They were zooming through the aquarium like it was nothing, I was at least trying to look at wtf the fishes were doing. They even gave us this retarded remote control to tell us what the fishes do and what not. Spoilers: they eat and swim. But these two french people were practically running through the aquarium.

Onto the funny part; I followed them into a darkish room. It was like a huge old 1800's ship that crashed and there was glass everywhere so you could see the fishes and the sharks. I looked back at my friends because they were doddling and I lost track of the french woman. I saw her standing next to the glass taking pictures of the sharks. I stood next to her, quietly, pretending as if she were my french mother and what my life would be if I was born in france.

We shared the deepest connection I've ever felt with someone. Two francophones standing next to each other admiring the beauty of sharks. I felt her french presence, and I'm sure she smelled mine. I was pretty much thinking in french. Let me tell you, it was amazing. This however was at the end of the aquarium. I parted ways from her and went to the gift shop with my friends.

Then, to my EXTREME horror, I saw the french woman and her child standing there in the gift shop. We had to take an elevator to get to the gift shop, so there was no way she could've passed us. So, I just shared this incredibly deep francophone connection with some stranger. While I was experiencing the zen of the universe she was probably petrified with fear. I felt like a retard, and rightly so. After that I left. The image of me standing next to this strange woman, who probably thought I was gonna mug her, is going to stay with me for the rest of my life.

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